I published many investigative reports in English (see this link), and there are over seven other reports in the Arabic international ICRC magazine, Insani such as:

  1. Even Al-Shamaiah mental hospital was not safe from destruction”. (2003). Summer, 25, pp. 48-52.
  2. Unexploded remnants of war: A grave danger”. (2003). Autumn, 26, pp. 12-14. This investigative report was republished in Huriah newspaper, Amman, Jordan, 2004, January, 21, 2, p. 11, and published in Ethar magazine, Sanaa, Yemen, the Yemeni Red Crescent Society, 2004 January-February, 24, pp. 13-14.
  3. Providing humanitarian aid midst the lack of security“. (2003). Autumn, 26, pp. 16-17.
  4. Homeless Iraqi children”. (2004). Summer, 28, pp. 36-38.
  5.  “Handicapped in Iraq: Looking forward to living normal lives”. (2004). Summer, 28, pp. 42-43.
  6. Other articles appeared in the following issues:

Sindibad Baghdad magazine

I was part of the advisory board member of this children’s Arabic language magazine that was issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Culture and supported by the ICRC.




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